Westerville Community Bands
A Tradition of Music and Community

Westerville Community Bands Constitution

Adopted 08/07/2006

Article I: NAME

The name of this organization is THE WESTERVILLE COMMUNITY BANDS, hereafter known as WCB. The name reflects the organization's home in Westerville, Ohio. The organization consists of the Concert Band and various other ensembles.


The mission of the Westerville Community Bands is:

  1. To provide the opportunity for dedicated area musicians to continue their involvement in music.
  2. To provide the highest quality musical performance, appreciation and entertainment for the Central Ohio community.
  3. To support fine arts projects that are beneficial to the cultural growth of the community.


  1. Qualification for Membership
    1. Membership is open to all interested and qualified adult musicians, at the discretion of the music director.
    2. Annual donations to support the financial needs of the organization are encouraged from members.
    3. A prospective member who has attended four or more rehearsals and has contributed a donation is considered a full member.
    4. Only full active members, as defined in the Bylaws, may vote on motions brought before the entire Band.
  1. Membership Expulsion
    1. Members may be expelled for misconduct after a hearing which includes the member, the music director, and the Board of Directors of the organization.
    2. Upon such expulsion, all property of the organization in the member's possession shall be returned.


  1. Board
    1. The organization is governed and operated by executive authority vested by the membership in a group of seven (7) elected members hereafter referred to as the 'Board'.
    2. The Board will elect the following posts: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer
    3. Each member of the Board shall have one vote in all Board matters (with the right to abstain).
    4. A quorum for votes by the Board shall be four members.
    5. Each elected member of the Board will serve a three (3) year term, beginning on January 1, following the election. Board terms will be on a staggered basis so that no more than three (3) members will leave office in a given year.
    6. The Board of Directors shall have such powers and duties as are provided for in the By-Laws.
    7. A Board member may be recalled by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board or a 2/3 majority vote of the active members present at a special meeting called for that purpose.
  2. Music Director
    1. The Music Director oversees all the musical activities of the entire organization, including managing any other musical staff.
    2. The Music Director shall be retained by the Board of Directors with responsibilities, terms, and conditions agreed upon by said Director and Board.
    3. The Music Director shall be an ex-officio, non-voting, member of the Board of Directors.
    4. Selection of the Music Director shall be in accordance with the Bylaws.
    5. A decision to dismiss a Music Director will have to be made by 2/3 majority vote within the Board, and further approval by 2/3 majority vote of the band members present at a special meeting called for that purpose.
  3. Other Staff
  4. Other staff may be retained by the Board as specified in the Bylaws.

  5. Meetings
    1. Board
      1. The Board shall hold meetings monthly, at such time and place as designated by the Board.
      2. Additional special meetings may be called by any Board member with appropriate notice.
      3. Executive session may be called by the Board in accordance with 'Robert's Rules of Order'.
    2. Membership
      1. The full band will meet on an annual basis to elect members of the Board.
      2. The Board may call additional special meetings of the band membership as required/
    3. Voting
      1. Quorum for voting of the full organization shall be defined as those full members in attendance at the regularly-scheduled Concert Band rehearsal.
      2. Issues requiring a vote of the membership will require advance notice two consecutive regularly-scheduled Concert Band rehearsals before the vote.
      3. The method of voting shall be as specified by the Board.
    4. Musical Organizations
      1. Other musical ensembles may perform under the Westerville Community Bands' name with permission of the Board.
      2. Use of the Westerville Community Bands' name does not assume or imply any legal responsibility and/or liability on the part of the Westerville Community Bands.


Following a majority vote of the Board, an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the organization which is present at a regularly-scheduled Concert Band rehearsal will be required for amendment to the Constitution.