Westerville Community Bands
A Tradition of Music and Community

Westerville Community Bands' Bylaws

Adopted 08/07/2006


  1. A qualified musician is one who can play the music to the satisfaction of the section leader and the music director.
  2. An active member is one who regularly attends rehearsals and plays concerts.
  3. An active member can take a leave of absence by notifying the section leader and the music director.
  4. Any other than the above will be deemed inactive.

Article II BOARD

  1. Members of the board are elected by majority vote of the band members.
  2. Duties:
    1. Chair: Coordinates the activities and the agenda of the organization, presides over meetings, maintains contacts with outside organizations, and maintains communication with the board, music director, and band members.
    2. Vice-Chair: Coordinates concerts and facilities, including contracts, schedules, and setup, and presides over meetings in the absence of the chair.
    3. Secretary: Records and distributes minutes of Board meetings, and maintains correspondence as needed.
    4. Treasurer: Conducts and records financial affairs of the band including long-term investment planning.
  3. The Board is specifically empowered to execute the duties as defined.
  4. The board has additional responsibilities for areas that include, but are not limited to:
    1. Publicity
    2. Website
    3. Fundraising
    4. Membership/Recruitment
    5. Equipment/Property
    6. Music Librarian
  5. Committees
    1. The Board may form committees to assist in accomplishing the above functions.
    2. Committee chairs and members are not required to be Board members. Committee chairs who are not Board members are considered ex-officio non-voting members of the Board.
    3. Accountability
      1. Committee chairs report to the Board and shall provide a report, either written or in person, for each Board meeting.
      2. Committee chairs shall have fiscal authority as delegated by the Board.


  1. Music Director
    1. The Music Director Search Committee (MDSC) shall be charged with the duty to locate and interview candidates for the position of Music Director.
    2. The MDSC shall be composed of no fewer than five (5) active members of the organization and shall be formed only at the request of the Board.
    3. The MDSC shall develop, subject to the approval of the Board, procedures and criteria for locating and selecting potential candidates.
    4. Final approval of the Music Director shall be by majority vote of the band membership.
  2. Assistant Director
    1. The Music Director, with approval of the Board, may select an Assistant.
    2. The Assistant Music Director shall be retained by the Board of Directors with responsibilities, terms, and conditions agreed upon by the Music Director and Board.
    3. The Assistant Music Director shall be an ex-officio, non-voting, member of the Board of Directors.
    4. A decision to dismiss the Assistant Music Director will be made by majority vote of the Board.
  3. Other Staff
  4. Other staff positions may be created and managed by majority vote of the Board.


  1. No member of this organization shall contract for, commit to, or enter into any agreement, or otherwise obligate this organization except by authorization of the Board of Directors.
  2. The latest edition of 'Robert's Rules of Order' shall govern the proceedings of all meetings, unless other rules and procedures are provided in these Bylaws or established prior to the date of the meeting.


Following a majority vote of the Board, an affirmative vote of at least a majority of the organization which is present at a regularly-scheduled Concert Band rehearsal will be required for amendment to these Bylaws.